MA & PhD in Creative Arts and Media at Sunway University, Malaysia - Scholarships

Sabine Chaouche

Scholarships available for students with a CGPA equal or above 3.50
Tuition fee waiver: 100% PhD students (up to 3 years) and 60% Master students (up to 2 years)

The Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy in Creative Arts and Media at Sunway University are unique. They provide students with an opportunity to carry out interdisciplinary research and contribute new understanding and insight to disciplines aligned with the School of Arts.

Students can opt for a conceptual or research-creation path. By conducting independent scholarly work within a specialist area of creative arts and media, graduates can contribute to the advancement of their respective discipline.

The creative aspect of the Master and PhD programmes offers students the opportunity to develop their work through artistic or academic forms. Students may integrate creative arts practice and the creation of artworks or other artefacts as part of their research, including performances, exhibitions, or videos. These research-creation works lead them to give interpretations of existing artworks, as well as creative arts practice itself.

Areas of investigation include film, music, the traditional arts, design, performance, and theatre studies.

We welcome historical, theoretical, or philosophical approaches along with analytical interpretative inquiry into the works and practices of the creative arts and media.

Acceptance of their application is subject to a panel review, interview session, and the supervisor’s approval.

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The registration & orientation for PG Research programmes for the university are as follows:

• 8 Jan 2021
• 26 Mar 2021
• 25 June 2021
• 24 Sept 2021

The deadline for applications are

• 10 February 2021 - March intake
• 10 May 2021 - June intake
• 10 August 2021 - September intake
• 20 November - Jan 2022 intake