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We are preparing a book entitled Imagescapes of Sunway City (Malaysia, near Kuala Lumpur) which aims to feature works of art envisioning the township in 2050 as a green, smart and sustainable city.

The Sunway Group is a strong advocate for lifelong education and sustainability. It is deeply committed to finding new sustainable ways of preserving the planet for future generations, all while maintaining economic growth. Sunway City is also planned to be the model “Smart Sustainable City” of the 21st century.

In view of these goals, we invite Sunway University students and staff to actively engage in this commissioning opportunity by creatively imagining how Sunway City would look like in the future.

Selected works of art will be acquired and featured in our book to be published in 2020. You will also be able to flex your creative muscles and contribute to a unique celebration of Sunway City and its green, sustainable future.

Works of art can be submitted in any of the following format:
1. Drawings, paintings, graffiti, photomontage, photos, aquarelle, etc.
2. 2-D or 3-D architectural plans
3. Creative writing (poem or song)
4. Artefacts (objects)

Works of art should represent or depict any of the following theme:

1. Sustainable Urban Design 1
Futuristic sustainable buildings, houses and infrastructures

2. Sustainable Urban Design 2
Futuristic interior design

3. Smart City Object or Transportation
Useful technical objects or equipment, and futuristic transportation

4. Green City Garden or Space
Futuristic public gardens and spaces (e.g. parking lots)

5. Sustainable Fashion Design
Futuristic clothing, shoes, accessories, jewellery and cosmetics, preferably made with recycled materials

If you are interested, please contact us at

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